How do I add my store?

It is very easy. Just click on “add listing” on the top menu and your are ready to go.

How do I add my online store?

It’s just as simple. Choose Online as a category and don’t add your address to your listing.

What kind of stores can I add?

Well, this is a website about vintage so stores selling vintage clothing, interior, records and so on. And, this must be the main business. Simply selling a few things vintage at the back of the store isn’t enough.

We also allow stores selling vintage inspired clothing.

My city isn’t among the choosable regions. What do I do?

If your city is not among the ones we have listed, simply add your store to the country where you are based. This will make your store appear any time someone search for either vintage in your country or your city.

My country isn’t among the choosable regions. What do I do?

That’s not good! Send us a notice to and we will add as soon as possible. We want all stores listed!

Is it safe to buy vintage online?

Our answer is Yes but of course you should check for seller reviews. This is more important when you shop at Ebay than in a regular online shop.

Remember to have your measurements taken before you make an order to make sure it will fit.

How do we get you to write about our shop?

We are always happy to hear your story and let others take part of it. Contact us here and we will figure something out together.

Can I pay for a featured listing?

No, we have decided to not have this function. Your store may be featured for a while but only if we at The Vintage Map decide it to be.
However, if this will be a common request from store owners we might reconsider.

Ok, but can I advertise?

Yes, you may advertise. Send us an email and we will make this happen.

Can I sell my vintage stuff on your website?

Not at the moment, no. But, we will add the possibility to sell gift cards and similar in the near future.