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Shopping Vintage in Hamburg


This was my first real visit to Hamburg. Have been there once before but just for a few hours but didn’t got to know the city at all since I spent my time having a couple of beers and eating a curry-wurst.

But now I have. After five amazing days in Hamburg I’m pretty sure. This will be the new Berlin. Have you heard it before? Well, then it’s true. Haven’t you heard it before, remember where you heard if first.

We stayed in St Pauli, a hip area with a lot of fantastic bars and restaurants. But not hip in the “we are the coolest people on earth the rest of you aren’t worth our time” kind of way. People are really friendly, open minded and generous. Just a lovely atmosphere!

This was not a vintage-trip as much as a party vacation with a couple of friends but of course we visited some vintage stores during our stay. We also missed a couple that are worth mentioning anyway.


Hip Cats

The owner was bit stressed, about to close down for the day, and I had two hungry and thirsty friends waiting outside but my short stay here was enough. This store was amazing. Rare and fun stuff hanging everywhere. This store is really packed which I love, but for the neat and tidy person this might be a challenge.

Anyway, I found some really cool old theatre jackets from the 60’s and a few extraordinary shirts, both long sleeved and short. Most things were of course for women and even if I didn’t have the time to go through that as well it was easy to see that this store must be one of the best in Europe for all you gals out there. Beautiful and colorful dresses, blouses, pants and shoes from top to ceiling catching the eye and made be a bit sad I didn’t have the time to shop for my girlfriend as well.

Conclusion: A definite must for all vintage lovers!

Pick N Weight

There are two Pick N Weight in Hamburg. Both big and juicy. The stores are a part of Kleidermarkt that own the stores Garage, Colours and Made In Berlin in Berlin and the two in Hamburg.

They both stock  about the same stuff which is…..kind of everything. Clothes, shoes, boots, accessories and all you need from almost every decade the last 70 years. Mostly 80’s clothes though but hey, that’s just how it is nowadays, vintage stores breath fashion and the 80’s is fashion. Myself always look mostly for the 60’s and early 70’s stuff which is always hard for a guy but for you likeminded gals there was a lot to choose from.

You buy most of the garments by the kilo which makes it easy for the communication between the wallet and the mind. Weigh and count for yourself.

Conclusion: A must for all you that spend a lot of time treasure hunting and are happy to stay in a store for an hour or three.

PS. Don’t miss the rooms in the back or them around the corner.


Hot Dogs

This store, placed on the fab shopping street Marktstrasse, is the place for you looking for either street/sportswear or leather handbags and shoes. Hot Dogs is not for us 60’s and 70’s lovers but for you with a more streety style. If you are looking for the American football shirt to go with your sneakers this is the place for you. Everything in top condition.

I also feel the need to tell you about the street in general. Local designers, foreign rare brands, stores for the brave and two more vintage stores (U2 and Vintage Gallery) makes Markstrasse the perfect destination for a relaxing but intense day. And really nearby there is a store called Spendabel, a kind of a thrift store where you might get lucky. If not, you lost only three minutes of your day. Worth  the risk I would say.

Rudolf Beaufays

We went to look this mens only vintage store up on our last day in Hamburg, a Monday. But, this monday was a holiday which we had no idea of. So, the store was closed and I disappointed. Because, by just looking from the outside I could see this store must be one of the best mens only vintage stores in the world. Amazing velvet jackets, school and boating blazers, great looking shirts and much more filled the place which seemed to have at least three rooms. A dream for the dandy and/or the classic looking dude. Like Mick Jagger meets Sherlock Holmes and they both win.

But it wasn’t all a waist of time as just around the corner from the store we thought was open we found a market we didn’t know about. It’s not often you stumple upon a market whith that much of amazing jewellery like on this one. I could count at least 25 tables just selling rings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links and much more. Almost all really nice as well. Here I couldn’t stop myself. Two bracelets and two rings later I was a bit poorer but a lot much happier.  

Besides these stores we where much more of regular tourists this time looking at buidlings and drinking beer. But, what we missed is no reason for you to do. Look here for more vintage Hamburg has to offer.

Written by: The Vintage Map • Pictures: The Vintage Map • © 2025: The Vintage Map

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