We don’t have many rules but we have a few to make this website as good as possible.


Only Vintage Stores

The Vintage Map is a website about vintage and vintage only. This means you are only allowed to add a vintage store to the website. We manually check all applications and if your store doesn’t fit any of our categories your application will be denied without any notice (sorry about that but we just don’t have the time to feedback).


2 Categories Maximum

You may only add your store to two different categories but we prefer if you could choose only one, the one that best describes your store. If you add more than two we will delete as many as we need to get down to two.

This rule is to give visitors a true picture of the store.


Be Honest

Describe your store as it is. That’s it!


No mass produced reviews

Please add a review of your own store but only one and that one should have an honest feel to it. Do not use several accounts to score your place high. We want to be true to our visitors.


No falsely bad reviews

Even though we don’t believe it’s gonna happen we feel the need to say it. Do not give your competition bad reviews to win their customers over. This will result in the deletion of your store from The Vintage Map.


This part of making a website sucks but sometimes it’s just necessary. Hope you understand 🙂

We also have a few rules to keep the website friendly and easy to monitor. Comments are subject to deletion if they:

Are not in English.

Please only comment in English.

Are not about the content of the website.

This is a website about vintage and the comments should be about….vintage and the stores and articles you find here.
Please only share your own opinion of a spot you have visited. Do you disagree with the others’s opinions? That’s fine, but please explain why and use a nice language!

If you have an opinion about facts in an article (e.g. opening times, prices), or questions about our website, please email us.

Are in any way:

Hostile or deliberately insulting messages
Comments intended to induce an angry response or disrupt a discussion
Personal attacks: derogatory, profane or offensive messages.

Are spam!

We will hunt you down and make you eat every one of them. Without ketchup!