Stockholm Vintage Guide

We help you plan your vintage day/days at hip Södermalm in Stockholm

The Vintage Map’s guide to Södermalm in Stockholm is a two part journey. For the “normal” vintage lover this guide may best be divided over two days but for the hard core vintage maniacs it is possible to pull it off in one day and maybe even visit the “extra”.

We have listed all our stops on the map above. It includes coffee breakes and meals, we don’t want you to collapse here.  Ok, let’s go!


Start off with breakfast a breakfast at “home”. Save all the swedish kronor you can. This will be an expensive day, the vintage in Stockholm is top noch.


Beyond Retro

Our first vintage shop for the day is also the largest. Beyond Retro Zinkensdamm is this chain’s latest addition to Stockholm but also by far the best.One huge room of colourful and fun american vintage clothing, footwear and accessories and one smaller room in the back (as big as some vintage shops) with kind of the same selection. Beyond Retro buy all their vintage stuff from American charity organisations, hence the all american touch to it.

Loaded with vintage clothing from the 20’s to the 90’s there is something for everyone, man or woman. The Greta Garbo-girl, the lumberjack beardedman, the Cyndi Lauper-lover or the hippie.

If we are to say something less positive about this place it would be that the prices are sometimes higher than they should and that some garments are sold torn.


A short walk away from Beyond Retro you will find our one and only thrift store in this guide, Myrorna. This is one of our favorites in Stockholm when it comes to thrift stores and we almost never leave empty handed. Few people find their way to this place which is hard to understand given it’s location at Södermalm and close to many vintage shops. Have a rummage at all three floors.

Judit Second Hand and Judit Herr

On the other side of the street lies Judit which is womens only and Herr Judit which is a mens only store, both with the same owner. These places are maybe the most popular in town. Hand picked vintage clothing, from either their own trips or commission, with a classic touch in mint condition. Most of it from designer labels. This is flare and flare costs, the prices are high but there are mostly good reasons for it.

Uppåt Väggarna

Uppåt Väggarna is not really a vintage clothing shop but more of a “all kind of vintage”-shop. But there is some vintage clothing and it is always in great condition and at affordable prices. Since we are already heading it would be stupid not to stop by. And hey, the two guys working there might be the friendliest in town!

Modern Retro

Now it’s time for one of our absolute favorites in Stockholm, Modern Retro. In this basement of treasures you can stay for hours just looking at all those velvet suits and jackets, boots in perfect condition, 70’s floral shirts, sunglasses in original boxes, seas of beads, mob-hats, suede-jackets and more and more.

This is not an ad for Modern Retro, we promise. This is just the truth. Do not miss this place!

To be honest prices are higher than average on almost everything so don’t get to carried away since there are many stores left to visit.


Time for lunch and we choose Louie Louie Café at Bondegatan. The choice is not based on their food, it’s good but not amazing, but rather the atmosphere, the music, the people and the interior. Definitely a place worthy a vintage day.

Are you used to the Swedish coffee? If not, be aware. It’s strong, it’s very strong and tourists may get a chock. But as soon as the chock is over you got enough caffeine in your blood to last for at least the rest of the day.



An Ideal For Living

A quick stop at An Ideal For Living since it is on the way to our next treasure places. This is mainly a record store, and probably the best record store in Stockholm, but they do offer a couple of racks of vintage clothing. It will take you just a few minutes to decide if there is something here or not. Unless you start digging among the records…..then it’s buy buy to all other stores planned for the day.

POP Stockholm

One minute later you enter POP Stockholm and their colourful shop loaded from top to toe with high quality vintage. This store, along with Modern Retro, is definitely the best  in town when it comes to 60’s and 70’s clothing. But, POP is definitely cheaper than Modern Retro.

Suede jackets, 70’s flares, hippie dresses, velvet suits, sailor caps, kaftans, dotted and paisley shirts…..the list goes on and on. POP also sell the british brand POP Boutique, vintage style clothing, since they have a close connection and is guarded by an adorable little dog.



Push My Buttons

Now take a walk up Skånegatan to visit Push My Buttons. A store with great records, fun collectors stuff but most importantly a vintage clothing section. It’s small, but it’s good. Vintage dresses, blouses, shirts and much more in almost perfect condition. And if you don’t find any new garments you will without a doubt find a new record to bring home.

Lisa Larsson

Our last stop before dinner i Lisa Larsson. This store is kind of an iconic one in Stockholm. Loaded with womens vintage from top to toe. Sometimes a bit (a lot) messy but that never stop us. If you have any money left she stocks lovely leather jackets, suede coats, jewellery and dresses.

Dinner and Cold Ones

Time for dinner and a couple of beers right? Lucky for you this tour is well thought out and next to Lisa Larsson you will find one of Södermalms best hang-a-rounds Harvest. Harvest is a bar for all ages, with a calm and welcoming atmosphere, a good after shopping-menu and a good start for the late night out.


Close to all these stores there are more vintage to check out. Smiley Vintage, Stadsmissionen, Emmaus, Repris Stockholm among others. Check our Stockholm page for more information.

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