Salvatore Michele Abiti Usati

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A classic among vintage stores in Rome. Loaded with Italian designer pieces and rare garments from the unknown.

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  1. We are an American couple who came to Rome to celebrate my birthday, graduation from my Masters program, and an early holiday. I love vintage shopping and have a large wardrobe of collector’s items. The day before we were in Antichita’ Carnovale and spent over $2,000.00 dollars on bags. I was so excited to visit Abiti Usati because I had such a wonderful experience at the other shop the day before.

    Upon arrival, we were greeted by a lovely older woman and we looked around a bit but wanted to see what else we could find. Next door was an extension of the shop and the owner refused to let us in. He said they were the same things and would not allow us to enter and turned us away for no reason.

    I have never felt so awful and below someone in my entire life. I love Italy having lived here twice. I also love Rome and have bragged how wonderful the people are. The owner made me cry and ruined that moment on my last day of this trip. I would love to tell him just how awful he made me feel and the business he turned away as we were looking to purchase 7 leather jackets, a luxury piece of luggage, and a fur.

    Would not recommend to anyone because regardless of your opinion of Americans, we were treated like second class citizens, and being a good person is part of running a respectable business.

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Roma 00186 Lazio IT
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